The West View Shores Civic Association is a corporation formed for the general purpose of promoting and administering the civic betterment and protection of the community known as West View Shores, Cecil County, Maryland, to includes, but not limited to the maintenance and improvement of the community roads and common area, and the establishment of community guidelines regarding security and general agreement between neighbors.

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Annual Maintenance Fees:

Annual Maintenance fees are defined as the pro rata share of the annual budget or approved special fees owing from every property owner with the community of West View Shores. Such fees are for the maintenance, repair and upkeep of assets of the Association. Assets covered may include capital equipment, structures, as well as additional assets.

Social activities, on the other hand, are funded through various fund raising efforts.

It is the responsibility of all owners to ensure that annual fees are paid and we hope that everyone will also support fund raisers.

WVSCA Documents:


The rules and regulations enacted by the West View Shores Civic Association to provide the framework for its operation and management.
WVSCA By-Laws 2013

West View Shores Community Rules & Guidelines

WVS Community Rules and Guidelines

Release and Hold Harmless Agreement

For use of the Open Space/Community Property
Hold Harmless Agreement 2012

Vacation and Short Term Rental Guidelines

West View Shores Rental Guidelines

Recorded Open Space Plan

Identifies and clarifies the Open Space Parcel and establishes deed restrictions
Recorded Open Space Plan

Full Merger Document

The merger of the West View Shores Environmental Preservation Association, Inc. and The West View Shores Civic Association, Inc.
Full Merger Document 6-10-10

Why Buy A Share:

Written by Rev. Bill Hemphill in 1997
Hemphill Why Buy CA Share 1997

How to Purchase a Share:

How to Purchase a Share 9:12:17